Secrets behind esports betting

Most of my esports betting I do at ggbet. But I also use others.

The secret to esports betting is to beat the bookmakers when it comes to odds. This does not mean that you are winning – but making the bets that are justified by the value of the bet.

So, if you have a game between two teams, either odds on both teams, none of the teams, or one of the teams may be justified. It all depends on your research and what the bookmakers you are using offers.

The things you have to do to be able to price games correctly is to follow the scene.

How you may ask?

If you do these things you are good to go:

  • Watch all games for a specific game you want to bet on (This is important because form is a huge factor)
    • If you do not have time, narrow it down to a league/tournament, but only bet on these matches then
  • Listen to the studios, the analysts have a lot of good things to say
  • Look at statistics at if it is CSGO or something corresponding if it is another game
    • Statistics can be internal clatches between teams, map picks and so on – everything matters

When you have done this, you need to look at the odds. Do you believe them to be justified? Then bet on the game you want to bet on – no emotions involved whatsoever.

That is basically what you need to do, I promise you that it isn’t as hard as it looks.

Another source you can add is to look at other people’s predictions, I have stopped that altogether because I believe in my own skills nowadays.

Hope my post helped and happy betting all of you.

If you want to start betting I suggest ggbet, I find many justified odds there. Read this about ggbet and other bookies such as betway. 

Also, if you want to learn more about how to manage your bankroll then read this article:


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